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Wood Pendant Light with Geometric Glass Chandelier

Wood Pendant Light with Geometric Glass Chandelier

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We designed this lighting to create a cozy atmosphere at the dining table or on the kitchen island.
5 bulbs of various shapes, three of which are inside the geometric shapes from our collection.

Glass Geometric shapes create light reflexes and reflections, during the day the object brings an atmosphere of minimalism and a feeling of cleanliness into the room, and in the evening it fills the space with warm light and the reflections of the spirals from the lamps - it looks fascinating.

This lamp can work with a dimmer, it helps to best adjust the brightness of the lighting, our recommendations are to set a dimmer for this light.

At the heart of the construction, we use a tree that is manually processed and in each process we try to maximize the uniqueness of the tree and its texture.
We use protective coatings for wood with paint and this gives us the opportunity to best adapt to your interior - mainly the colors we use are Black, Gray, White, Brown and natural wood.

Base Size: Length 140 cm (55,1 inches )
Geometric Glass Shape Size: 22/19 cm (9 inches)

We do not supply ceiling mounts for the reason that each house uses different materials for the ceiling (wood, concrete, drywall), respectively, the client selects them independently. You can tell us what kind of ceiling you have and we will select hooks for installation or make something unique for you if required (ceiling at an angle)

To help you better understand how to install the chandelier, I attached a few schematic diagrams of the images, this will allow you to make accurate measurements and be sure that it fits perfectly into your interior.

If you did not find a color or size suitable for you, let us know and we create a unique item for you.


Glass 2 mm
Copper Foil
Sick Wire
Socket e27
Pine Wood


Base Size: Length 140 cm (55,1 inches )
Geometric Glass Shape Size: 22/19 cm (9 inches)


To install lighting are used chains that can be easily shortened to adjust the ideal distance above the surface.

- We supply complete chains with a length of 150cm but you can tell us if you need a longer chain !!
- You need prepare the installation hooks on the ceiling.
- The chandelier is connected through one wire.
- Weight about 15kg
- Bulb 40w include (5pc) only for 220v standards country, in our country not possible buy bulb for 120v

Care Instructions

ver time, the chandelier will become covered with dust and you will need to wash it. To do this, we recommend choosing a comfortable place in the bath and preparing a plane with a soft cloth there so that the figure stands steadily. Use hot water and regular dishwashing detergent all components must not contain abrasives and the sponge must be special for glass as you can leave small scratches on the glass or damage the color of the chandelier. Wipe dry with a soft cloth after washing. Perform all actions without pressure and when not holding on to an open area or one glass, use two hands when washing and transporting the chandelier.

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