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I'm glad to see you on my website, here you can get acquainted with my work. The main occupations to which I dedicate all the time are film photography, design and fine art.

Stereometric Design

since 2015

  • Lightning

    We pay special attention to lighting, as it plays an important role in the interior and thanks to this, the space becomes integral and each object looks correctly exposed in the evening, as well as the comfort that is created due to the different design and place of lighting. We design in detail not only our objects, but also interior lighting in general, and we know a huge number of solutions to achieve high-quality and comfortable use.

  • Furniture

    In furniture, we use materials such as metal and wood combined with other materials, we appreciate the minimalism and durability of structures and focus our attention on ergonomics of use.

  • Art & Jewelry

    It is extremely important for me to be in an existential state and oil painting turned out to be the perfect combination for me, here are the works that I created in different periods of my life and in different countries for more than 10 years.
    Sometimes we want to get in touch with something very ancient and beautiful, and we go to different countries in search of unique stones and minerals from which we later create jewelry using silver, gold and a creative approach.

  • Printed Photo

    Printing photographs and creating a frame for them is a kind of art; it helps create an interior style and enhances the meaning of the photograph itself. A delicate approach to the choice of materials as well as handmade wood create a special feeling in the interior, and high-quality glass helps to accurately convey the colors of the photo.

  • Picture Frame

    Decorating a painting or photograph is a delicate job in which it is important to consider the style of the image as well as the interior in which your art will be exhibited. We have a lot of experience in this area and we use different techniques and materials to create wood and metal frames and also use gallery glass if necessary.

  • Wood Working

    Working with wood is a pleasure at every stage and we take on different projects and ideas with enthusiasm. We pay special attention to small furniture, wall decoration, as well as woodart and restoration of old and unique things that deserve a second chance and become part of a unique interior.

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Film Photography

Сollection of photographs on film, color and black and white, as well as in various formats.

Video Slideshow

Slide show with film photos, each video is dedicated to a specific topic or place.

Slide show - India BW Film

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