Stereometric Design

Studio Stereometric Design develops and creates an exclusive light design in a geometric style. Our goal is to make your interior unique and aesthetic, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Each chandelier is a unique symmetry that surprises when you look at it from different points, the lines intersect and create a completely new object, and in the evening, using a geometric shadow, the light of the chandelier creates a volume in space.

We are inspired by geometry and minimalism, so our style fits perfectly into the interior - home, apartment, office, cafe or reception.

Each object is created exclusively by hand with perfect accuracy from high-quality materials, and all our items are thought through to the smallest detail - this allows them to be used ergonomically and safely.

We love to work with our own hands and appreciate the time spent in the workshop, in a friendly atmosphere and inspiration. We cooperate with designers from different countries and cities, solving their task with lighting in the interior.

We use noble materials such as wood, glass and concrete, which carry ancient traditions, combining them with modern technologies and manual skills, seeking to improve the accuracy and environmental friendliness of our products.

Stereometric design studio was founded in 2015 in the central part of Russia. Wishing to improve the market situation of the local designer.