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Wardrobe & Storage

Wardrobe & Storage

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The project turned out to be very ergonomic where we solved several tasks at once, one of which was to install the structure in a narrow space, close to the walls and so that all lines looked symmetrical and even.

The design consists of two parts - Wardrobe for outerwear, with shelves for hats and shoes - and the second part is a storage system with open shelves for interior items and a closed area with high doors made with a metal mesh that looks amazing and creates a visual effect when moved . In order for the structure to be installed symmetrically and in level, we used metal threaded legs in the bases.

The wardrobe is thought out to the smallest detail, we took into account a lot of factors in which the use will bring comfort and aesthetic pleasure, and things are arranged neatly without interfering with each other.

This is completely handmade with high precision - the metal is delicately processed, all joints look invisible, the structure has been sanded and painted with powder paint resistant to mechanical stress!

For shoe shelves, we used metal mesh, it is resistant to moisture and you do not need to worry about its safety.

We made the shelves and slats from oak, the wood was treated with natural oil with a hint of tobacco, this color in combination with black elements gives the interior austerity and the mesh emphasizes the loft style. The doors are equipped with long handles and magnets with felt that presses the door quietly and firmly, which gives a pleasant feeling every time you use it.

This is an individual project designed for a specific space, but if you like the idea and style of execution, then we can create a similar wardrobe for you, but considering all the dimensions of your space, you can choose the material for the shelves that suits you and the color of its processing, it is possible to install brass or chrome handles that can also turn up the style of your interior!


Height 200cm

Length 320cm

Width 25cm




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