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Stereometric Universe Geometric Chandelier

Stereometric Universe Geometric Chandelier

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"Stereometric Universe" Chandelier based on Pentakis Dodecahedron geometry - a semi-regular polyhedron , dual truncated icosahedron. It consists of 60 identical isosceles acute-angled triangles.

This figure has 60 faces, 90 edges and 32 vertices.

Pentakis Dodekahedron refers to the Group of icosahedral symmetry.
Chandelier made with incredible accuracy and perfect symmetry!

Incredible symmetry and asymmetry created by crossed lines generate an amazing pattern, disseminating the light throughout the chandelier's lines.

In the evening, a unique shades extends to the ceiling and walls creating volumetric patterns and in your home or living room. Chandelier is perfect in minimalist interior, as well as in the interior style of Industrial loft. Great to arrange the reception in a cafe or decorate your shop or a cozy office hall.

This item will be a great gift for those who appreciate the accuracy of mathematics and geometry.


Glass 2 mm
Copper Foil
Sick Wire
Socket e27


11.8" 30 x 30 cm
14.5" 37 x 37 cm


- The lamp is not included ! We add to the order only for countries with a voltage standard of 220v. Our recommendation is to use extended incandescent bulbs.
- Celling fixture and all fittings/connectors/screws are included in the package.
- The wire, prepared to mount - by default 90 cm (36'') (You can easily cut the needed length when mount or just let us know, for example that You need 60 cm or 110cm wire)
- 220V / 110V compatible
- Dimmable
- Compatible with any E27 filament or LED bulbs.
- Ready to mount (Mounting instructions included).

Care Instructions

Over time, the chandelier will become covered with dust and you will need to wash it. To do this, we recommend choosing a comfortable place in the bath and preparing a plane with a soft cloth there so that the figure stands steadily. Use hot water and regular dishwashing detergent all components must not contain abrasives and the sponge must be special for glass as you can leave small scratches on the glass or damage the color of the chandelier. Wipe dry with a soft cloth after washing. Perform all actions without pressure and when not holding on to an open area or one glass, use two hands when washing and transporting the chandelier.

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