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Stereometric DJ table for Vinyl Turntabl

Stereometric DJ table for Vinyl Turntabl

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Stereometric DJ Table for Vinyl Players

We are glad to present you our development for music lovers and collectors of vinyl records.

The design concept lies in the ergonomics and quality of the materials used, as well as the adaptability of the construction to your needs.

The geometry of the table is designed for two vinyl players and a remote control, and there are also shelves for an amplifier and other equipment, and of course, compartments for storing vinyl records that can fit a little more than 200 records.

The base of the table is a metal structure with the ability to adjust the ideal level, this is very important for turntables. The design uses metal perforation and natural oak.
The color of wood can always be made specifically for your interior. Woodworking done with oil.

The metal structure is sandblasted, which removes all burrs from the perforation and ideally prepares the metal for painting, then powder painting.

The table has a lot of weight, which is very important for playing records, it helps to deal with vibrations, even if you accidentally hit the table, this will not affect playback.

Possibility of personalization :

- Size (you can increase the height of the table and its length, as it will be most convenient for you)
- Variability (You can order a table for only one player)
- Materials (The material for shelves and countertops can be wood or stone according to your taste and budget)
- Color (Any color solutions)
- Speaker stands (You can tell us the size and we will prepare the perfect stands for your speakers)

Table Dimensions:

Height 72cm, Width 50cm, Length 150cm.
Amplifier shelf height 15cm
The height of the legs is 15 cm - this is important because the robot vacuum cleaner can clean under the table or you will make a garage for it under the table =)

We can change all these parameters especially for you or for your equipment, adhering to the design.

Delivery across Russia by transport companies.


Oak Wood


Height 72cm, Width 50cm, Length 150cm


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