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Stereo Russian Table Lamp - early 20th century With Glass Shape Icosahedron

Stereo Russian Table Lamp - early 20th century With Glass Shape Icosahedron

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We appreciate the things that were created at the beginning of the 20th century, then did not save on materials and tried to make it luxurious and monumental, and the most important thing is that this thing has been preserved to our time. Items like this were in the offices of respected people and luxurious living rooms.

Under the layer of dust and minor defects often hides the beauty and the true idea of ​​the creator.

It takes time to make the right decision. The natural patterns of time are patina, scratches, shocks and ailments.

In my case, this was a decision in favor of restoring metal parts and integrating the geometric ceiling into shape with an aluminum cartridge (inside the E27 ceramic socket), which we developed specifically for such purposes.

The item was completely disassembled - each metal part and the patterns were thoroughly cleaned, and then each part was polished to a metal shine. All this was necessary to combine our geometric style with pure aluminum and shiny glass.

All the old fasteners and wires were replaced. This ensures a reliable connection. Lamp power can be adjusted using a dimmer, which is located on the fabric wire.

The result was a harmonious object, and in every detail was installed all the necessary peculiarity of the person, his desk ... The column of the lamp is made of red marble. All other parts - aluminum alloy.

I think that this item is ideal for a luxurious interior and collectors.


Glass 2 mm
Copper Foil
Sick Wire
Socket e27



Care Instructions

Over time, the chandelier will become covered with dust and you will need to wash it. To do this, we recommend choosing a comfortable place in the bath and preparing a plane with a soft cloth there so that the figure stands steadily. Use hot water and regular dishwashing detergent all components must not contain abrasives and the sponge must be special for glass as you can leave small scratches on the glass or damage the color of the chandelier. Wipe dry with a soft cloth after washing. Perform all actions without pressure and when not holding on to an open area or one glass, use two hands when washing and transporting the chandelier.

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