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Stereo New Year Tree

Stereo New Year Tree

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In anticipation of the new year, we decided to create a bit of a festive atmosphere in a geometric style, and of course to contribute to the ecology.

The main concept is the use of production residues thrown on the street boards and fading fences as well as glass scraps from the creation of our lamps. A little attention to this material + hands of the master and ready. As they say there is nothing more comfortable than things made by hands.

A geometric Christmas tree is easy to assemble and understand, which is an exciting process for children and adults.

 It can take the form of a spiral, a classic look of a Christmas tree as well as a 2D look and improvisational forms.

At the base is a hexagonal platform that perfectly maintains stability. The item is fully eco-friendly without using any wood preservatives. You can give it your color if you wish, or order additional oil dressing from us to keep the original color of the tree.

We recommend using a garland on a wire; it looks minimalist and inconspicuous while being conveniently transformed to the shape of a Christmas tree.

For you, we have prepared 3 sizes for desktop use and large ones to create an atmosphere of a family holiday.


- 60см
- 100см
- 120 см

The product is delivered in a collapsible form, for assembly you only need a wrench to fix the created shape.


Pine Wood


60 cm
100 cm
120 cm


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