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Rainbow Moonstone Silver Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Silver Pendant

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Moonstone Silver Pendant.

Carefully executed suspension of elongated form in the form of a drop. Minimalistic silver framing.
Moonlight stone spreads across its surface - this indicates its good quality, this effect will attract positive people's emotions and dispose them for friendly interaction.

The stone of the traveller: A sphere with bluish tints should traditionally be set on a yellow cloth on the night of the full moon and used for divination. Hold the moonstone, best in moonlight or; if not, silver candlelight, and let the light play on the surface.

You may see images, mainly in your mind, and hear words to explain the significance of the image, generally referring to events within three moon months. Give to to any drama kings or queens in your life, to take them and life less seriously and to react calmly to minor crises or upsets.

Moonstone protects against all negative manifestations, which are associated with the Earth's night companion.

Healing properties of the stone:

-Epilepsy attacks ease;
-Reduce irritability;
-Normalize the night's sleep.

Emotional healing: Blue moonstone should be worn to bring peace when you have been working hard for a prolonged period and cannot switch off.

Chakra : Sacral
Zodiak : Cancer
Divination meaning : A lucky opportunity, to say yes even if the timing is not ideal.
Empowerment : I have moments of pure joy.

Stone symbolized from antiquity harmony with nature.

He was valued more than gold and revered as a sacred mineral.
The moon gem is used as a charm.
He helps people of creative professions:
writers and poets;
literary commentators;
actors; artists;
art historians.

The crystal will help to find inspiration, see everything from the original side. The talisman will create an atmosphere of creative impulse and imagination. The stone helps the lovers. He is given the second half to strengthen and consolidate the acquired feelings. Gem will protect the gentle feelings. Mages and shamans wear an amulet made from moonstone. They believe that it protects their ability to look into the future, strengthens them.

Deposits High quality crystalline formations are sent to other countries from the island of Sri Lanka. The main place of production, known throughout the world, is in India.

height - 10mm
width - 12mm
length - 35mm
weight - 5.45gr

This is stone from India.


Natural Moon Stone


height - 10mm
width - 12mm
length - 35mm
weight - 5.45gr


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