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Organizer space

Organizer space

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One of the most difficult tasks that we successfully managed to complete was to create additional space in a small apartment and we decided to make a bunk bed with an open storage system with a desktop for a computer.

The difficulty was to carry such a large object while passing through narrow corridors and also to maintain the rigidity of the structure, since it has a huge weight and it is important that it does not stagger.

We have designed a construction set that consists of 4 parts, each of which is all-metal: a rack with shelves, a work table with a ladder, a bed base, a frame for a crate.  The work went on for a long time on the object, but in the end we were

I was completely delighted when our designer assembled in 5 hours and all the connections were perfectly calculated and there were no problems.

The metal structure was completely sandblasted to give a uniform surface and painted with a matte black powder paint that is resistant to mechanical damage.

It is completely handmade, each element has been carefully executed, which gives your interior a special feeling of comfort and perfectionism.

The product used solid oak for the top and top grade oak for the shelves and base of the bed.  Each element of wood is treated with professional oil to give a brown tint and is also protected by an additional layer from ultraviolet radiation and water.

Such items are developed individually for each interior where it is necessary to take into account a large number of nuances and dimensional possibilities.  When ordering, you can discuss with us the color of the structure and wood, as well as the type of materials for the top and shelves.


 - Width 168 cm

 - Length 240 cm

 - Height 285cm (height under bed 166cm)




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