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Labradorite Silver Pendant

Labradorite Silver Pendant

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Natural Labradorite Necklace.

Excellent quality A+++ with deep blue radiance, distributed on all the stone.
Necklace is silver full Hand made work.

Labradorite stone from Sri Lanka.
weight - 7.12 gramm

- Physical benefits; May help bronchitis, respiratory complaints, lungs, metabolism, colds, digestion, eyes, brain disorders, PNS, menstruation, warts, skin and hair parasites, gout, rheumatism, high blood pressure, pain relief.

- Emotional healing: For reducing anti-social, reckless or impulsive behaviour in children, teenagers and adults who are easily led into trouble by others.

- Chakra: Brow and Root.

- Zodiac : Scorpio

- In Workplace: Brings out the best in any person or situation; makes working iife more congenial, whatever the circumstances; encourages willingness to show courtesy and full attention to customers; assists part-time and temporary staff to become fully involved in a company.


Some history stories - Labradorite was first discovered by Noravian missionaries to North America in 1770, although older Inuit peoples speak of a legend according to which a brave Inuit warrior struck the stone with his spear and created the Northern Lights.

Another version, one of several, tells that the first Labradorite fell from the fire of the ancestors in the Aurora Borealis.Through the crystallization process two phases of layers are produced.When light hits the stone it is refracted on the different layers and produces labradorite's characteristic and iridescent colouring. Wearing Labradorite brings the fun and spontaneity back into your life if you are stuck in routine or weighed down by responsibility; it awakens a sense of adventure, sometimes for the first time: do not be surprised if you find yourself on a long-haul flight, backpacking or trekking to


A stone of independent thought and action, keep Labradorite with papers or near computer files you are checking to avoid making errors or missing incorrect facts that have been inserted in a document.


Natural Labrodarite Stone


weight - 7.12 gramm


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