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Icosidodecahedron Geometric Terrarium

Icosidodecahedron Geometric Terrarium

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This captivating Icosidodecahedron have a lot of harmony potential and ready to bring it to your space! Once you see it - you will love it!
It’s not only greenery planter or charming interior form - we also provide it in light copper finish color as wedding accessory - minimalistic and shiny bouquet holder.

Item can be used as a lodge for the whole family of plants-kids and also as a stylish, minimalist accessory as is.
One pentagonal face we left open for access to your favorite plants or objects in it.


Glass 2 mm
Copper Foil



Care Instructions

Over time, the chandelier will become covered with dust and you will need to wash it. To do this, we recommend choosing a comfortable place in the bath and preparing a plane with a soft cloth there so that the figure stands steadily. Use hot water and regular dishwashing detergent all components must not contain abrasives and the sponge must be special for glass as you can leave small scratches on the glass or damage the color of the chandelier. Wipe dry with a soft cloth after washing. Perform all actions without pressure and when not holding on to an open area or one glass, use two hands when washing and transporting the chandelier.

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