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Concrete Woman Bust With Icosahedron Lamp

Concrete Woman Bust With Icosahedron Lamp

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The experimental approach and completely manual work emphasizes an intimate atmosphere and creates a feeling of presence, and due to the lamp that spreads the geometric pattern on the wall it will be possible to create a spectacular place in your interior.

Some words about work: In this creative art work, I used different techniques to create an textural image on a woman's bust. With my hands, I applied several layers of white gypsum, emphasizing curves and feminine lines, leaving behind trailing touches of touch, then I deformed it all over the surface creating the damages effect. 

To create an ambient color I used Copper Potal, Black and white paint. In the end, the figure is completely treated with professional varnish with the effect of Satin. 

I spent a long time adjusting the drawing trying to display the multilayered coating, I treated the entire surface of the sculpture with sandpaper for its selection! This sculpture is very pleasant for tactile touches and its surface is well protected by varnish from ultrafilter light and physical influences of the atmosphere and accidental human actions, it can also be wiped from dust and you do not damage the reddish layer. 

At the base of the bust is a wooden platform. It is treated with black protective impregnation for wood and thanks to it the sculpture will not leave marks and scratches on the surface. 

Instead of a head  there is a copper-colored cartridge with a fixture for e27 lamps and a geometric Icosahedron lamp made of glass. The luminaire is completely made in manual using two colors of patina - Copper inside and black outside. 

The luminaire is treated with an anticosidant to give a metallic luster and protect the metal from corrosion. Such coloring is given in the evening when the light spreads to the Bust and inside the lamp is a feeling of the integrity of the object, and in the daytime black outside emphasizes all the elements of black color on the sculpture. Day and night, the bust looks harmoniously subordinate to the interior. The light of the lamp is regulated with a dimmer - you can set a very dim glow and use it as a night light or to create an intimate atmosphere.

This sculpture is erotic and evokes pleasant feelings with a desire to touch.




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